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Green adjourn crisis meeting due to bereavement «


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According to a member of the City Council Ethiopia Sager by Mayor Mathiaschitz (SPÖ), a local councilor Schmidt Tarman accepts the apology. However, leaving the coalition is possible.

of Bettina Evre | 17:33, 15 March 2019

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On Wednesday Klagenfurt has the mayor Maria-Louise Matiaschitz The claims of the FPÖ, it has the local council Evelyn Schmid Tarmen (Greens) desired place in the machine of the Ethiopian airline, was postponed "wrong". On Thursday, however, the politician SPÖ admitted that there was a plane-sager meeting at the Senate City on Tuesday. "But the connection was completely different, I allowed myself from the FPO party commander Granot Derman Do not overturn the words in your mouth and hint at the intention of killing, "she told the small newspaper and officially placed the record of the meeting.The original record of the meeting was also provided.However, it can not be published.The statements correspond to the protocol.But there is also a lot of polyphonic laughter After the plane – Sager hear.

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