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Jens Büchner died: the man they called "Malle-Jens"


DJens Büchner from Bad Schmiedeberg, a trained locksmith, former member of the battalion "Feliks Dzierzynski", now a bar operator, singer and atmospheric tourist attraction in Majorca, who realized modern television business entertainment, appeared in January 2017,

At that time Büchner was hanging on the vine in the Australian jungle and did not ascend. "I'm just fat and sweat like a pig," he whimpered. After a while he laughed again. The principle of self-disclosure, it was almost the business model of the man, which they called in the press "Male Jens" since it first appeared on television in 2010.

"Goodbye Germany" was the name of his program, a documentary about immigrants. Connie Rayman (formerly Texas, now Hawaii) was there to see, and even the "blonde sect", Daniela Katzenberger (formerly USA, now Mallorca), presented the first picture in the picture.

To emigrate to Majorca without the knowledge of Spanish

Büchner looked for his luck with his partner then, Jennifer "Jenny" Matthias, and their son Leon, also on Mallorca (vulgo: "Mal"). The relationship with Jenny failed. But it was just the beginning of the bustling financial economist in post-primary education, who eventually did not speak a word of Spanish, but had a lot of flying plans.

The common seaside town of Cala Milor Boutique led Jennifer Ner Matthias after the separation in 2013 under the name "Jenny Delüx" (without spelling errors) alone and continues today. The "sawdust," as he called himself chubby, was then worse than alive.

He tried himself as a jewelry designer, a fashion model for bathing suits and browns. New women entered the life of the father who was already a triangle (two children who had already grown up from a previous relationship) and left again. But he was always loyal to the TV cameras.

Jennifer Matthias (left, founder of fashion label

Jennifer Matthias (left, founder of the fashion label "Jenny Delüx") with her ex-future partner Hans Büchner (right)

Source: Getty Images

The legendary scene, as Büchner on one of his many moves removed in the middle of the night with his little car and vollbacktten on the highway remains. No fuel, no money, what now? Of course, the accompanying television crew then extended the costs. The story, she was just too good.

Because despite all the low blows: Buchner never gave in and hit the capital more and more of his television profile. In 2014 he started a new career, this time as a mood singer – "Schlagerstar" would be too big a word for his narrow repertoire with songs like "Get Lost, You Do not Alcohol". There was a market for all this, of course the party party "Blermann" and in Germany, where he appeared as a "miracle" in rural discos or opening an agency.

Slowly, his life became more and more stressful. Especially because she was still the new woman in his life: Daniella "Dani" Kravas, a single mother, from Delmenhurst, met one of his performances in Germany.

No show that left the couple outside

Jens & Danny. It was a connection like a TV – or hell, depending on your perspective. From then on, a very accelerated pace in the Büchner universe. The couple settled completely on the survivor chain, where more or less prominent TV stars are transferred through all kinds of TV formats.

In Büchner, it was enough to win this Guild at the beginning of 2017: he was one of the participants of "I Star, Get Me Out of Here!" (RTL). And Bochner said.

He fought, scolded, joked, gave tearful confessions about his own personal depression. Around 2013, when he was mistakenly diagnosed with cancer, and then spent 7000 euros on winds. The striptease of the soul was enough only for the sixth place. No matter, "Jenser" has never been at the top of the list, as always known.

From there it continued "Germany is looking for the superstar." For an audition that ended up being completely pointless with Dieter Bohlen & Co., but at least Danielle was able to show their twins, Jorge Soraya and Diego Armani on TV.

07.10.2018, North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne: Ex-Jens and Danny Buchner participate in the German Comedy Award 2018. Photo: Horst Glushka / Dappa | Use worldwide

They enjoyed the spotlight: Daniela and Hans Biechner, since 2017 a married couple

Source: Image Alliance / dpa

Anyway, the twins. With the children born in the spring of 2016 – too soon – the number of children in Bochner grew to five. Since June 2017, thanks to a common wedding on Majorca, Ms. Buchner, which was aired on television, was finally born three children in adolescence. The stroke rate in the Büchner universe continued to rise. Money for a large family with increased demands should be earned.

And Bochner did the same, with his new business ideas. In early 2018 he opens the "Faneteria" (without typing) on ​​Mallorca. Here, according to the plan, fans could see the miracle and his "Danni" eat and drink.

The idea of ​​a reality star is a gastro idea, or simply: celebrities staring. This idea worked. So good that the store quickly overcame them. In addition to always new appearances in Germany, the price of the comedy there, red carpet here, participation in the "Summer House of the Stars" (RTL) – eventually even reached "many" hate, the enemies, the family on many social media their accounts are covered with defamation, Not with.

At the same time, the front collapsed. The Pantaria closed before the end of the season. The merciless business on the holiday island, where a living for a year must be formed in six months, left its mark. The last time on television was Büchner on November 5 at "Goodbye Germany". That this would be the last time he could have guessed at the time. Even if Bochner looked bad, sick, sad, thin.

"It's just hell," the former company wrote

The pressure was to blame, they said. A stomach ulcer, he had to take pills for pain. Days later, Danielle's post, which suggested it was more serious. The situation of jeans was "critical", doctors tried their "human potential", please avoid inquiries. And while it was speculating on social media, if it's about the PR gimmick of the bustling television family, led by the newspaper "Bild", is a loyal, not always generous company of Büchners, "Malle-Jens Dying."

The former company Jennifer Matthias remains reserved to find the right words on Facebook, hashtag #Ruhejetzt, #Respekt, #dashatkeinMenschverdient. She confirmed media reports about the suffering of a former partner and asked for fairness. "My son will also lose his father and four other children.

Two days later, on Saturday evening, the news: Jens Buchner died, allegedly "sleeping in peace" at age 49 in a hospital in Palma de Mallorca. Cameras were not there this time, it can be considered safe.

He went through the story of "Al-Jens" with that of course not. Many other immigrants from "Star Stars" expressed their condolences on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Some of them are the godparents of Büchner's children. You have already announced that you want to take care of yourself. Büchner will be remembered in the endless saga of Mallorca TV which tells about migration, great dreams and sometimes a dramatic failure. The 49-year-old leaves behind eight children – five of them physical – and one grandson.

Leaving behind his wife Danielle, who now has to grieve for the second time for her father.

For what it will continue to live in the future, many fans ask themselves. As Bild wants to know, Danielle should move to the Jungle Camp in early 2019. Will she still do it? Or if it simply continues to be accompanied by "Goodbye Germany"? No one knows yet. If there are answers, then surely on television.

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