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Kiki Mladenovic and Dominique Thiem talk about their love • NEWS.AT

A year ago she was officially sitting in his box for the first time. Now Kristina "Kiki" Mladenovic belongs to the tight circle of Dominique Thiem, unless it is tennis itself.

The Frenchwoman, who won Singapore's double title in Singapore with her best friend Tima in the manger in late October, shoots her Dominique in London.

Even a year ago, 25 years old, the former number ten of women tennis, was close to being among the top eight players of the season in the WTA final. "I was the first player out there last year, and I want to go back to that position," said Mladenovic on a trip down the Thames, sitting near Thames.

And there is such a trip of the highly motivated men's Masters. "I work hard to achieve what he achieved," she said with a glance at the eighth world ranking from Lichtenwörth. "I'm really lucky to have him because he's inspired every day, and I'm not saying it because he's sitting there – it's really true," says Mladenovic.

»I'm really lucky that he has that he inspires every day"

She really enjoys being in London. "I think it's a great opportunity because planning still allows it, I do not know if it's going to happen next year." From 2019, WTA moves their season end back. "It's also very funny for me as an actor to compare the two player organizations." Most important to her is the personal support of her boyfriend: "It's important for me to be here and support him."

Families move together

The mutual families are increasingly in the "Schwiegerkinder" tournaments in the audience, so were u.a. Thiem parents several times in the WTA tournament in Linz as Daumendrücker of Mladenovic noticed. Thame himself went straight to the steel town after leaving Shanghai.

Coaching is rare, "but it happens," says Mladenovic, laughing. Tim turned on. "The last time it was too hard for me," he jokes. Mladenovic believes she can help Thiem "at work". "Of course I can not keep up with him, but if I have to let him go, we've done it before." When it comes to points, it will be "no chance to make even one point," admits the current 44th WTA ranking.

Calling is not a problem

The obvious harmony between the two televisions of Globetrotter has no effect on closer proximity, such as the air conditioning. "We do not ask this question, we understand our way of life because we have the same thing, we do not really have a home and do not spend much time," explains the Frenchwoman.

As the French Open final entered again, "It would not matter anything if we came together, we would not meet anymore." Meldanovich replies: "I always tell Domi or the families, for me this is my home, where my most important people are." Tayyim explains: "For a few days it happened this year that you were in Paris and I was in Vienna, maybe a week or two, almost never."

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