Monday , October 3 2022

Meghan Markles "Lies": Half-Sister Plans for Book Discovery


London – Megan Merkel's half sister from her father's first marriage, Thomas, makes it harder for the duchess. After several verbal attacks, the 53-year-old also announces a book about her dear family.

The planned departure date is not random. In the spring, just in time to calculate the birth date of the royal baby of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, work on the shelves. what is the deal?

Like the British "Daily Star"Report, Samantha Merkel wants to expose the" lies "of her sister The book will be called" in the shadows of the Dutch ", and she will not hurt him, according to Merkel.

Chapter on cyberbullying

So far only a lot of information is known about the content: One episode is supposed to deal with cyberbullying, under Samantha Markel suffered since her half-sister married to the royal family. Again and again she has to deal with verbal attacks in the social media and attempts to follow. "The attackers were reported to the FBI," she says.Daily Star"And more:" Some of them even called radio stations to express the death threats against me. Then the FBI and the police could have transferred the criminals to their places and found their numbers and addresses. "

With the book Samantha Markle pours oil into the fire again. She apologized publicly only in early October. "So much out of control, never intended," said Markell on the show. The reason for the drop was apparently not invited to the royal wedding in May. She described the duchess as a "cold" because she ignored her father and accused her of pretending to be smiling. The two have had no contact with each other for years.

Father Thomas Markell always excited him. Before the royal wedding on May 19 it was discovered that he had sold pictures sent to paparazzi. He was not taken to Windsor Castle for health reasons. (

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