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Outside: Herbert Kickle loses the sheriff's star


Vienna – Herbert Kickel must leave the Interior Ministry. "I assume that the federal chancellor will also propose to the federal president to dismiss the interior minister from government responsibility," Chancellor Gernot Blumel said on Sunday evening at the ORB's ZiB 2. He is responsible for his potential layoffs, not his controversial administration, but Ibiza's video, in which Vice President Heinz-Christchurch Strach, may refer to unfair party financing practices. At the time of Kickel's confession, the secretary-general was general.

This serves as an argument for ÖVP to get the Minister of Interior at the top of the chain of investigation has been replaced. The FPÖ will use these layoffs as a recruiting tool for the upcoming elections.

That Kickle worked on the latter with his entry into the government a true fan base core liberal core. It was not so because he wanted to introduce police mounted, but now he was able to implement the difficult foreign policy that FPÖ had been pushing for years.

The Bat affair as excitement

Border control is of course a matter of interior minister, reception centers of refugees being renamed exit centers, otherwise 1.5 years are to be tightened as much as possible. Kickel sought the balance between the satisfaction that the receiver numbers were sinking and warnings that everything might get worse again.

Incidentally, he likes to provoke, for example, when he wants to "concentrate" refugees or when he says that the law must act according to policy. Who knows how easily the Minister of the Interior can formulate, perhaps assume that these were not always involuntary rhetorical discrimination.

At least so much attention in his short term, Kickel, excited by the so-called Bat affair, culminating in another illegal search warrant published in the Federal Office for the Defense of the Constitution and the Fight Against Terrorism. Attempts to get authority from Peter Gridding outside the office, failed. Regardless of this, the international reputation of the Austrian Constitution of protection suffered considerably. Foreign services apparently reduced cooperation to a minimum.

Reconstruction of the Ministry of the Interior

It had to be a cycl in the first place to get the interior department a deep black color from the sphere of influence of the People's Party. The old secretary of liberty was sitting on a new secretary-general in the department, Peter Goldgruber, probably a mistake. After all, Kickle survived the membership of the commission of inquiry more than he had been suspected before, partly because he was virtually free of Goldgruber.

The fact that Kickel does not trust ÖVP is not only since the move to the Interior Ministry. For years he was considered a prominent liberal, who tended to red or black. Kickle was also the only one who never wanted to join the turquoise blue harmony and set up a fairly independent course.

Nevertheless, the former author, Jörg Heiders, was a close associate of Heinz-Christian Stratz. Quite a few believe that its rise would not have been possible without the former school of ex-chairman of Greenland, Eva Galvich, and in any case, as Secretary-General, he headed several successful elections, albeit with dubious methods or slogans such as " "Or" Pomeran instead of Mosein ", to mention two examples.

Bitch sheep suspect Kickle

Although Kickel always shared the blue course with foreign policy, he was not considered an ideological wing of the FPÖ. In particular, members of the liberal ranks tended to suspect him. He did not disagree with the right-wing parties in the international arena. For example, in 2016 he was a guest speaker at the Congress of the "defenders of Europe" in Linz, a performance which was accused of being loved by political opponents to this day.

Kiddle never pushed Kickel. During Haider's time, he was in the second row, which he remained "fundamentally blue" of BZÖ, surprised some, but paid off to him. Kickel rose to the mouth of the party, the man on whom any relevant decision had been made. Nevertheless, he hesitated when Strache wanted to hand him over to the Interior Ministry. He'd rather be a club manager. Outwardly he never left such sensitivities. On the contrary, Kickel celebrated a provocative-offensive appearance in parliament.

Sometimes it seems like a role, because in personal relationships the interior minister, who is about to recall, is far from gloomy as it appears in front of the cameras. Kickl should not be deleted yet, the extreme runner has also proved a political stamina and he will certainly occupy a prominent position in the National Council's election campaign, whether as a top candidate or as the first supporter of Norbert Hooper. (APA)

Herbert Kickel (FPÖ)

Herbert Kickel (FPÖ)


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