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PSG Failure: Neymar Hits viewers inside

football PSG failure

Nimer hits the spectators

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Tushl: "You have no explanation"

Paris Saint-Germain lose the French Cup trophy against Stad Ran 5: 6 on penalties. PSG Coach Thomas Tuschl is very disappointed after twice missed.

Paris Saint-Germain lost a safe lead in the Cup Finals. Even the coached coach should chalk and chalk the defeat. Neymar snaps and attacks a young star Mbappé.

SRecently, Paris-Saint-Germain announced a few days ago that they not only offer a future stadium tour, but also a unique, state-of-the-art virtual reality reality. With VR glasses on nose fans can stand with Paris players on the field, hold a free kick by Neymar or celebrate with the crew on a boat.

A virtual reality in which some Paris fans may also have wanted Saturday night – because their club was embarrassed under the tutelage of Thomas Tuschl after the Champions League Mr. March now in the French Cup final against Stade Wren, lost to 2-2 over 120 minutes on penalties.

Thus, criticism of Tushl continues to grow. The embarrassment over Manchester United is survived without great scratches, he moved after taking office, but a good deal in Paris. But in the past few weeks, he betered step by step on credit, at the end of his first season as the only balance won the championship.

Against Ran Tuschl changed his striker Christopher Nakonko in the last seconds before penalty breaks, apparently because he sees it as a safer shooter than even young Musa Davy, who himself comes as a cold and only 15 minutes on the field was pulled out again,

In the end, it was 21-year-old Nkunku who scored the penalty to decide on the night sky in Paris after all the shooters hit him. Especially spicy: Jose Nakanakos expired, he was already weeks ago with a new club in touch – Stud Ran. Winning the new Cup, which also qualified for the European Championship.

Neymar and Mbappé take a break

It was the last note of a bitter evening for Paris. "I have to think about a few days, we lost our intensity this month, we are mentally fragile," said Tuschl after the game. PSG began the strong game, led 2-0 after 20 minutes, and dropped his opponent on the wall when Nimer played well in his initial comeback and was involved in both goals.

Everything looked like a sovereign win and win in pairs – but the PSG collapsed piece by piece, Renn eventually made a 66th minute, made it with strong defensive performance at extra time and finally on penalties.

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"We have a big problem with the so-called safe instructors.We just too, instead of 3: 0 to go 4-0.This is a great surprise and disappointment for me," explained Tushl panicked. His star Nimer criticized the attitude of "young players" like Nkunku and Mbaba: "They do not listen, we have experienced players give them advice, they give contraindications … The coach gives instructions, they give contraindications." Mbappé is an important player for us, He has a lot to learn. "

Stad Ran - Paris Saint-Germain

Nimer shone in his start-up, and then rested

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But the same goes for Neimer: On the way to the medals Give to the Brazilian To provoke the stadium of a dissenting admirer Became tangible, The Nimer game was filthy shortly before the opponent's hard end on his repeatedly broken leg, but remained intact.

His colleague from Papa flew in the last few minutes of time with Red. With a cruel kick, the young star met the lower leg of his opponent da Silva, regardless of the casualties, who fortunately remained intact – but you can see the pictures, you can expect a break. The referee showed Tropic's Mbappé the yellow card after a particularly nasty challenge. He was busy replacing Nakonko.

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