Tuesday , May 11 2021

Razaar ran a wild chase with the police

Razaar ran a wild chase with the police

Haid. Two drivers were not only too fast in the Ansfelden construction area on the A1 highway, they also destroyed their car while escaping from the police and hid in a trash can under the trampoline.

Wheel control - instrument

Radar Control (icon image) Photo: Weihbold

Laser measurements on A1 road area Traun direction Vienna on Saturday car with speeding (165km / h at 100km / h limit) was measured. The officers immediately began the descent, noting that the driver had driven to the construction site at Ansfelden at a speed that was still too high. The runaway driver crossed a rail and crossed a signpost at the exit of the Ansfelden freeway. The driver then stopped his car and nearly took over a 41-year-old from Linz Land County. He and his car fled on foot and left the vehicle badly damaged.

When the query of the license plate turned out to be the vehicle reported theft. The two criminals chased after another patrol. According to eyewitnesses, one of the two, aged 19 from Salzburg, was found in a garbage dump and stopped. The driver of the driver's kit was still on the run and so additional forces, including a police helicopter and a dog service puberty, were asked to search. Shortly afterwards, a patrol of police Ansfelden found the handlebar, 22 years old from Salzburg, in the garden under a trampoline and stopped him.

The two suspects were interrogated, and it turned out that the 22-year-old was carrying a rags at a gas station in Salzburg that morning. At Linz's order, the two were released. In addition to a criminal complaint, the driver is still presented due to numerous administrative violations in the county district Linz Land. Among other things, alcohol measured breath of 0.46 mg / l (0.92 per thousand).

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