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Reorganization costs: Deutsche Post earns less and approves post forecasts


The outlook for the whole year, which was lowered in June, was approved by the DAX Group based on Bonn, which continues to be on medium term targets for 2020.

Operating profit before interest and taxes (EBIT) in the first quarter of 2009 was 376 Euros (€ 834 million), a decrease of 55%. Net profit fell 77.2 percent to 146 million euros. The decline was due to the package / letter area (PeP), which slipped into red due to restructuring operations and contributed EBIT loss of 209 million euros. The previous year, was still a plus of 307 million euros. Consolidated sales rose 1.4% to € 14.85 billion.

Earnings figures were better than expected by analysts. Sales were below expectations. In a consensus conducted by the company, 18 analysts had an average decline in EBIT to 339 million euros, with sales of about 14.94 billion. Analysts have seen the EBIT loss in the PeP region an average of $ 223 million.

The Deutsche Post continues to expect EBIT of 3.2 billion euros for the entire year and over 5 billion dollars by 2020. The cost of restructuring Pep continues to be estimated at 500 million euros in 2018.

To € 3.2 billion in the current year PeP should contribute to the current structure another $ 600 million, three regions DHL 3 billion euros. This is compounded by the company sector functions, where the deficit of 420 million euros is expected to accumulate in 2018 – including 70 million euros, including higher start-up costs for the accelerated production of electric transformers Streetscooter.

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