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Some climate will hit the forest even more


Second, the price of wood is under tremendous pressure. On average on all types of wood is the price of 79.4 euros each M3 Fell in 2014 currently only 64 euros. "The dramatic thing is, then, that's all Austria Much cheaper Damaged wood they. In some areas in the east Germany The tree is even given, "emphasizes Friedhagar." The domestic saw and wood industry imports more than it has done for a long time.

In order not to depend solely on the hardwood market, the federal forests decided to diversify their businesses years ago. Already 42 percent of operational performance came from real estate, hunting, fishing and renewable energies, explains ÖBf board member Guy Schöppl.Therefore, federal forests will have to limit the decline in profits before taxes to ten percent.This is also good for taxpayers.For ÖBf delivered for 2018 Almost 21 million euros in the state budget. "In the environment Austria Write the state forest losses, "says the ÖBf board.In the medium term, Schöppl intends to further expand the non-forestry business.It should grow at least half of the operational performance, which amounted to 238 million euros in the previous year.

At the same time, the busy forester state adapt to the native forest and the climatic conditions have changed. Deciduous trees resistant to drought instead of spruce are preferred in the forest. "New Forest" should suffer plus two degrees average temperature. "What happens when it's even warmer, no one knows right now," emphasizes Friedhagar.

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