Tuesday , May 17 2022

Strike avoided by Hollywood workers – news.ORF.at


Moviegoers and series lovers can breathe a sigh of relief: a Hollywood workers’ strike was averted at the last minute. The International Federation of Theatrical Stage Workers (IATSE), a major association of film crew workers representing tens of thousands of filmmakers, announced yesterday an agreement with production companies on its website.

IATSE President Matthew Libby called the three-year agreement a “Hollywood end” in a statement. The agreement has not yet been approved by union members.

A last-minute strike was averted

The Association of Production Companies, the alliance of film and television producers, approved the deal for CNN without giving details. The union, which represents photographers as well as costumes, makeup and set designers, has previously announced it will stop working at midnight today.

Many movie stars like Samuel L. Jackson and politicians like Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren publicly supported the call for a strike. This was the union’s first national work stoppage since 1945. Last-minute talks included what the union felt was too long and almost unregulated working hours.

Unusual working hours

According to the IATSE, the deal stipulates “significant wage increases” and “living wages for people who are at the bottom of the wage scale.” Daily rest periods were also agreed upon.

Hollywood is notorious for the fact that for many employees the unusual working hours are often difficult to reconcile with their private lives. Recently, however, a growing number of employees in online networks have shared shocking stories. Photographer Scott Cirkosano accused the production companies of seeing the film crews as “expendable capital.”

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