Monday , October 3 2022

The boss Renault Gusen was arrested in Japan


He is considered one of the most dazzling managers in the car industry – Carlos Ghosn, who holds the strings in the alliance of the three Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi in his hands, threatened in Japan, a sudden end to his career. Ghosn was arrested on Monday, according to NHK television station. Nissan said Gusen used company funds for private purposes. Investigations against him for improper practices have continued for several months. The director noted, among other things, that "income is too low for several years." The result was an internal investigation. The Board of Directors will propose to replace him as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

According to the newspaper "Asahi", Ghosn is suspected that has set his income too low in annual accounts. The Gushen News Agency reported that Gusen committed further offenses. NHK national broadcaster reported on Nissan searches. Gusen has been questioned because of the allegations. Nissan announced a press conference for the Japanese evening.

Gusen is one of the most charismatic car managers in the world. Born in Brazil, the French-born Lebanese has built a league of two Japanese manufacturers, Nissan and Mitsubishi, with Renault as a serious rival that can compete with major industry such as VW and Toyota. He resigned as CEO of Nissan last year to focus more on Renault and Mitsubishi.It continues the Nissan board.Gosn has been called "Le Killer Price" since its time at Renault and brought Nissan back on track after years of high losses and debt.

Renault shares fell according to the report by 14%. Nissan shares of Nissan even broke more than 11 percent.


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