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The tunnel on S1 remained closed for six weeks


Tunnel S1 Rannersdorf near Schwechat (Brock-Leitha district) remained closed towards the Südautobahn (A2) drive after burning a Monday's cargo for about six weeks. The rehabilitation preparation begins, complete completion takes about three months, told the collector on Tuesday afternoon.

"The tunnel will remain completely closed to traffic until the first half of June 2019 to traffic," which is determined after extensive damage assessments, roads and highways financing Aktiengesellschaft reported in the edition. In these six weeks the tunnel would be ready for renovation. "In a concrete sense it means that the road in the area of ​​the fire will be rebuilt, and the tunnel ceiling in the affected area will be completely removed." As soon as the preparations are complete, Espinag will begin rebuilding the tunnels, "in which the tunnel will be open again for necessary traffic.

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The project coordinator Günter Rattei described it as important to make the tunnel reasonable as soon as possible. Therefore, it is based on a rehabilitation concept that allows work, "and yet traffic is expected to run again in mid-June." In any event, extensive repairs to the building and electrical equipment are required. "The exact amount of damage can not be quantified at the moment," Asfinag said.

Surrounds the lock from the direction of Route 4 East

The A2 highway and the A23 to the A1 motorway are Route 23, the Danube (A22), the Stockerauer freeway (S5) and the Kremser (S33) motorway The Pulten Junction. Locally, the tunnel Rannersdorf cars can be bypassed between the S1 Schwechat-Süd and Rannersdorf interchanges.

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