Monday , June 27 2022

This Burgenlander developed an easy concrete for crafting


Concrete has been exposed to design trend for several years. For amateurs, this is not a substance that will be easy to handle. Contractor Burkard Schueller changed it. "Creative lightweight concrete" is a very light concrete and very much. There are no limits to creating: Lampshades are just like furniture, raised beds or decorative elements.

Mix with a kitchen mixer

The material consists of a mixture of cement and volcanic rock developed together with the University of Innsbruck. Due to volcanic rock, light creative concrete is also much warmer than conventional brethren. The application is very simple: the mixture is mixed with water and then mixed with a conventional kitchen mixer. The cement is finished lightly and fills up in every shape and shortens there.

An easy creative tone can currently be sorted by e-mail. 3 liter bucket costs 15 € including shipping to Austria or Germany.

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