Tuesday , August 9 2022

Tradition – playing in the snow with the BMW X5


It's amazingly impressive! BMW SAV (sports car activity) sits with the bottom plate in the deep snow, pumping with the air suspension by a few inches in height, getting thanks to the sophisticated electronics and the skate differential limited on the rear wheels again digging out of the snow … it can experience the NÖN in "Winter Drive technician "of the year on Rettenbacher Gletscher (Sölden) close and personal experience.

The start of the X5 was not designed for heavy operation. However, the 1999 sold introduced five doors from the beginning surprisingly well, over 2.1 million vehicles were driven by the courts of various dealers (around the world). In the Eleventh Republic of Austria, every BMW IV is now the X model. The new X5, by the way the fourth generation, also has all the features to become a hit.

"Meanwhile, every fourth BMW sold in Austria is X!" Michael Avner, press spokesman BMW Austria

It grows slightly, both in length (plus 36 mm, at 4,922 mm) and width and height, without being clunky. This will probably be reserved for the upcoming X7. Inside, there is plenty of space, passengers from the back feel comfortable, on request, the X5 is also available in seven seats (seats number 6 and 7 are designed primarily for children). The maximum trunk volume indicates the Bayern with 1,860 liters.

Block is the two-sided door, which of course is electrically operated and offers a flat ledge. In addition, there are also rails in the trunk, which allow for easy loading, with elastic rubber elements to extend automatically while traveling and suitcases also remains where it belongs. The devices are clearly designed, the operation is no secret, optional to have shift handle and other switches and glass applications of Swarovs-ki. A matter of taste.

From now on we have three engines. They all have six cylinders – a petrol engine with 340 hp, two diesel fuel with 265 and 400 hp. The eight-cylinder with 462 hp is unfortunately (for now?) Unplanned for Europe.In 2019, the X5 will also be available in the hybrid plug-in with an electric range of up to 80 km according to a new WLTP-driven practice process. And: the M5 petrol version with over 600 hp is also plausible.At the truly impressive, however, are the characteristics of the area.The optional package of the highway includes four modes of driving, highway protection (at least optical) for the area and the lock The above separation for the rear axle. Furthermore, the air suspension, anti-roll device and a lot of other gimmicks are available.

A special gage is the backup assistant, which remembers about 50 meters driving forward and then automatically resets just like that. Very useful if you need to stand narrow streets or garages have to reset. Not even from the bad parents: the emergency assistant stops the car in an emergency and leads him to the side of the road. Of course, the new X5 is completely on the net and can also communicate with other BMW in case of impending danger.

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