Tuesday , August 9 2022

US probe "InSight" landed successfully on Mars «DiePresse.com


NASA's "Insight" rocket landed on Mars After a 485-million-kilometer journey, the truck launched the "Insight" on Monday on the plume of Elysium Planetia, north of the Martian equator on the Red Planet, according to the US space agency NASA.

"Landing confirmed!" Told the US space agency from the Pasadena Control Center in California. There, joy broke out, scientists popped up and hugged each other.

If the robot is fully functional, still not clear. After entering the Martian atmosphere, they lowered the robot in a very complicated exercise with rockets and a parachute.

The robot "InSight" of 360 kg can not roll but remains in one place.With many scientific instruments, the robot is studying Mars and above all to learn more about the structure of the earth and the dynamics beneath its surface.

A device developed in Germany, a kind of mole, is supposed to drill into the ground. A total of approximately € 650,000 an expensive mission is intended for two years. The Graz Institute for Space Research (IMF) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences is involved in evaluating the data.

The last Nasa 2012 brought the rover "curiosity" successfully on Mars. Landing on the Red Planet is considered to be the most difficult – only about 40 percent of all missions previously launched in March around the world have been successful according to NASA.

The US is the only country that has been able to sell research robots on Mars.


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