Thursday , May 19 2022

WhatsApp tests A new feature for iOS: Contacts are ranked


So far, news in whatsApp mode is sorted by time and appearance. But it can change soon – at least on iOS. That WhatsApp checks a new algorithm there.

WhatsApp is currently testing the so-called ranking feature on iOS. The messenger assigns contacts in the status area based on how often the user interacted with them. This reports the page "WhasAppBetaInfo".

Contacts with a better rating will be more prominently displayed in the status area. To date, contacts in the status area are sorted by last published date.

According to "WhasAppBetaInfo", the new algorithm analyzes the interaction with WhatsApp's contacts as follows: If a user ignores messages from a contact, the algorithm assigns them a "bad" rating. Contacts regularly exchange messages with the user to get a "normal" rating. Those who exchange media data, like images, get a good rating. And contacts with whom the user calls using WhatsApp get the best rating. In addition, the algorithm also analyzes how users interact with group chat contacts.

Recently, all iOS users have the opportunity to participate in the WhatsApp beta software and download test versions of Messenger. According to "" are already out of 10,000 test places were awarded. Anyone who wants to try being a beta tester, must Install the "Testflight" application.

With the help of beta programs, WhatsApp checks new features of its program on user smartphones.

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