Sunday , October 2 2022

World Shooter Evolution: Premium DLC "Secrets of Dr. Wu" – Trailer & Details


After the update to version 1.5 has been announced during the day, the DLC premium for "World Shooter Evolution" has now been approved. "Secrets of Dr. Wu" will be released later this month and is shown in the first car today.

Shooter World Evolution: Premium DLC

Later today, developers at Frontier Developments announced a 1.5 update on world shooter evolution.

It will be released on November 20 and will bring new behavior for the dinosaurs in addition to the day cycle. In addition to this announcement, it was announced that on November 20, "Dr. Wus Secrets" called the DLC premium is released.This includes, according to official statements, a new storyline, new missions for hybrid hybrid dinosaur campaign.

First details on "Dr Secrets of a Woo" – discovered by DLK.

As part of new missions, players will gain control over two hidden research laboratories on Isla Muerta and Isla Tacaño. Where he develops Henry Wu, as stated by BD Wong, a new generation of hybrid dinosaurs. While actors discover new archeological sites, building upgrades, and research opportunities in collaboration with the geneticist, they face the dangers posed by Dr. W.'s actions are being dealt with.

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Frontier developments suggests that the 14.99 Euro DLC presents the herbivores Olorotitan and the poisonous Troodon, along with three new hybrids created by Wu in the world shooter evolution: Stegoceratops, Ankylodocus and Spinoraptor. In addition, with the "Dr. Wu's Secrets" calls open additional upgrades that can then be used in a campaign – including the unique camouflage garden of Indominus Rex, known from the 2015 "Shooter World" movie.

Attached is the official trailer for today's post.

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