Thursday , September 29 2022

31 lakh students are sitting in the initial closure –


This is the class
The students are the first
a day
Tests will take place between 10:30 and 11:00.
The test is over
will be

The Minister of Public Service, Moustapuzur Rehman Pigeon, told the office that the Vikaransa Neven School will arrive in the center on Sunday.

the previous
According to the decision, the closing of the preliminary and ibtaydoyi
There is no question for MKQ.

Initial closing
Now 27,000
And Ibtadaiyyite 3 million 17
A total of 853 students were examined
Do you give more students this year than the student?
Lax 19 thousand 786
More than

Overall, 7,000 centers are in this test. Out of 12
Center sits outside the country

This year
Students with special needs participate in the closing of the fifth semester. They have an extra 30 minutes in the exam
get this.

The first closing exams have started since 2009. And this is in the Ibed
Testing is in 2010 since

the first one
Although the two-year division provides results
Since 2011, the results of closure of pet students have been given to grading methods.

Although there are two hours during the test, increase the test time by half an hour from 013
It was two and a half hours.

the question
From last year to prevent leaks
Special for 64 country countries
8 questions set divided into eight areas
Primary education and education
The government takes the closing

Other times
As soon as the question documents were published in special arrangements in 204 centers of remote areas, the Minister of Education said that "with regard to minimal neglect or irregularities in performing debts related to the examination
Zero-tolerance policy has been adopted. "

The initial closure

November 19 November,
November 20 Bangladesh and world identity,
Mathematical Science, November 22, Mathematics on November 25
And religion on 26 November
And moral education

Ibtadei Samadhi

November 19 November,
November 20 Bangladesh and world identity
And Science, November 22 in Arabic,
Mathematics on 25 November and the Koran on 26 November
And Wakid and Peake

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