Thursday , May 13 2021

A bicycle student was killed, the victim's victim Uber suffer: -763724 | Keller Cantot

Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv University

A student at Tel Aviv University's Barak University, was killed in an accident on Thursday when she arrived at the destination with Ober's bicycle. The police claimed that the raid authorities preventing the arrest and torture of the driver no longer suffered due to non-cooperation negligence of the authorities.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Tejgaon Deputy Deputy Commissioner (DC) Biflob Kumar Sarker claimed that at a press conference on Sunday, Biyelov Kumar Sarker.

On the day of the accident (Thursday), when Ober's motorcycle was rented, the driver used to arrive at the destination with desperate speed. He collapsed again and again in a bad way. After the accident, Somon escaped after closing the mobile phone.

Police said they did not cooperate with the authorities when they requested information immediately to find the driver after the incident. Besides, Super Suman driver used a fake address during registration. Because of Aber's neglect, we need to get the speed to find the Suman.

On Saturday, the assailant attacked Van and his driver, Anisar Rahman, 28, was arrested at a distance of twenty-two kilometers in Afula. Earlier, on April 26, Sobor's motorcycle driver, Samon, was arrested from the home of Nabinagar Dulaim Mohammedpur in the capital.

On Thursday, a student at the University of Barak for her sons was killed in a car accident in front of the National Heart Institute in the capital. When the motorcycle reached the heart of the Heart Institute, the rear van pushed the motorcycle behind. DC said the two were speeding. Since van cover speed is more than a motorcycle, the van is covered with motorcycle shocks while circumventing it. The student's affection fell on the truck's pulley.

The motorist Saumun Shahid Suhrawardi from the capital received initial medical help, but stopped the phone and ran away before going to the police. According to the address given by Somon at the hospital, it was known that this was the wrong address.

There was no truth about finding Simon's address near Ober. Later on April 26, Somon was arrested with a motorcycle from Mohammadpur, with maximum help from the IT.

The DC revolution complains that Raid co-companies, including Uber, have no physical or mental skills to run a commercial, commercial run. He also said that information requested from Ober, but he did not cooperate.

Said that Ober authorities had registered with the wrong address without examining anyone. It is necessary to find the speed of the driver of the motorcycle Somon. After every incident, we try to bring the criminals according to the law, but in this case we have to stop the message.

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