Saturday , October 16 2021

A hundred from home

In the absence of Shakib al-Hasan, Captain Mahmudela ran the series of tests against Zimbabwe. Under his leadership Bangladesh lost Zimbabwe in the first test in the Seleucid. However, on the fourth day of the second test, Bangladesh is on the driver's seat. Mahmudullah picked up the second century of test career after the team picked up. Even the first international test century in the field of home has been seen all rounded.

Mahmudela received the first test against New Zealand at Hamilton, in 2010. In this game he scored 115 runs of 177 balls in the group's unhappiness. Daniel Votori's leg was caught in a 190-minute round in 17 rounds with two quarters. This Mahmudullah accepted the first century of his career and the first century field field Mirpur today, after eight years!

On the fourth day of the second test, Bangladesh called Zimbabwe to hit their second rounds without subsequent follow-up. However, tigers avoided hitting. Bangladesh lost the first four goals with just 25 runs. However, Muhammad Mitun and Captain Mahmudullah took the group. After Mithun was rejected for 67 second runs, 118 partnership partnerships broke down. But Mahmudela took the second century of his career with Mehdi Hassan Mirage, who received half a century in the final rounds. He received the century only 122 bullets. It was a great turn that he scored four four and two six. Finally, Bangladesh announced the rounds with 442 runs

After eight years in his second century, Mahmudela accepted the first century of Cricket Test. Earlier, Mahmudala scored with 96 not out, against India in 2010. Just because of the absence of a partner, he did not complete his century. Everything awoke too. However, against Sri Lanka this year, Mahmudullah was the second highest scorer to run on the ground home. He played 83 unbeaten in the first round of the series Sri Lanka at the Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium in Chittagong. He had not received a hundred in the absence of a suitable partner.

Bangladesh lost 1-0 lead in the series first test of the series. So to draw the series, the Tigers will win this test. Mushfiqur Rahim In the first rounds after Mahmudullah kept his century safe from the side of Bangladesh now, when bowlers can do the job properly, it is seen.

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