Wednesday , September 28 2022

A song of Dhiir-guha in a film of Ryima-san


The popular song artist Dhruba Guha, in the world of music-based music. Not only songs, his excessive attention was also praised in Shrotamahal during the filming of songs. In the same sequence, she recently joined the romantic song titled "Tom Yaki Yuki", her new song written by the popular actress of Bengal, Riema Sen. After a month the song was released worldwide.

On the occasion of the song's release, the video of your song 'Peek & # 39; It was released in a colorful ceremony on the capital's elite batteries. Amit Gangoli and Suraf Desgopta, Islam Mahmud, Marge & Russell Russell, Young Munshi, Suhl Mahdi, Jules Morshed attended the event. , Beller Khan, Lotfar Hasan, Apo, Amran, Poshashi, Foggia, Hassan Freak, Kanal, Shan, Teng Sarvar, Karnia, Harir Rafat, Shahid Ali Pappusaha and others.

The song's publishing festival became stars in their presence.

Dhruv Guha said, "I took the Rima-san from India with a gray star player in my song to make the Bengali a popular popular song in the open … so it listens to our song being made in Upper Bengal. Of my audience to express how much I voiced my voice. "

In addition to the YouTube channel of the Music Station, you can hear the song on the DMS website, in the music of GP and Banglalink Bibes.

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