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About half of the party's registered and rice-

Scope of the scope law to use the common symbol in the elections
There, to apply this practice
The appeal came only to the Elections Committee, only the boat and the rice sheets

If you want to choose the symbol, the election commission will end it
It was Thursday. Meanwhile, eight parties of the coalition headed by Ami Lami and the Alliance 11 led by the BNP alliance said they would choose a "symbol of rice."

The main opposition party Party of Ethiopia
Although the Allawi League's Allawi election, Arra will vote with their placard symbol.

On the other hand
The leftist parties did not apply to the use of identical symbols, although they were separated.

Committee Secretary Halaudin Ahmad told reporters about this
Said, "League Awami Alliance BNP use a common symbol
The list of partners has already been given. The parties also gave separate letters. On Thursday, the national unified font appeared. The way in the law will be the symbol. "

Those candidates who have not joined the EC by sending an EC letter for votes, their candidates will choose their own icon.

In a letter sent to the commander of the Abuami League, Sheikh Hasina, 16 teams were sent, of whom eight are registered.

The League says their allies will vote for the ship's emblem.

Ten years to cross the Vaitarni
The parties listed on the Awami League Boat are in power: JSD, Workers Party, Samyabadi Dahl, Democratic Party, Awami National Part NAP, Tariqat Federation Jatiya Party-JP.

Labor Party, Jatiya Samajtantrik Dahl, JSD, Democracy
Party, Samyabadi Dahl, Jatiya Party JP, Tariqat Awami National Federation
Part of the NAP

The unregistered teams of the Alliance are – League Gna Azadi,
Democratic League Majudur, Communist Center, Bangladesh Socialist Party, Islamic Front, Bangladesh Jasad, Crishak Sramik Party and Trnemol BNP.

in front of
The Elections Committee sent a letter to the Regional Council asking permission to use boats to block the alliance with the ruling party.

The team
Said, with 14 groups
Discussions on expanding the visions continue. Participation in swearing, some of the consolidated and alternative sectors
In the candidate field, the boat icon will be selected.

There is no place to participate in party elections. However, candidates of the non-registered party can also choose their own symbol in the appointment of a registered party. The Elections Committee considers them a registered party candidate.

The boycott of the BNP on the elections Jatiya Sangsad, along with the Alliance 20 party
And there is a national acronym. Secretary-General BNP Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir sent a letter to the Election Commission, said 11 for registered reasons of their rice
Point with the arrow icon.

20 of them
The registered parties of the Party Party are LDP, Bangladesh Kalyan Party, Jamiat Ulamayi Islam Bangladesh, Khelafat Majlis, Bangladesh Jatiya Party BJP, National Democratic Party-Jagapa and Muslims Bangladesh

Baside that
The National People's Party, the JSD, and the National Unity Front
Krishak Sramik Janata League also said that the symbol of "rice ear" is used symbolically.

The letter was sent to the committee on Thursday
The forum is effective after giving
President of Sovereign, Audrey said: "If any unregistered party can not participate in the competition, then it is decided that they will use the rice symbol of rice."

In this case
If all people of unity and unity process, then they will have to vote by BNP on paper.

Even if they are allies with the party, they themselves do not go
Bangladesh Islamic Front Bangladesh Khelafat said that they will participate in the elections

According to schedule, until November 28
You can apply. Decide on 2 December
Candidates can be canceled after 9 December.
Official promotion after receiving the emblem on 10 December
Candidates can start. The vote will be on December 30.

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