Tuesday , May 11 2021

Acting act in a sick body, the actress lost!

Picture of the actress Deepika Kaka: Collected

Everyone in the ground shooting busy. Camera ready. The director explained the actors' scene. This time the cannons are taking place. At that moment the actress became unconscious. No! This is not part of the script. The actress became unconscious after she became ill. Recently, it happened on the Indian television program "Panipuri" group. The popular actress Deepika Kakara fell ill

"Producer" Panipuri Sandeep Sikand shared a picture of Deepika in the social media. It seems like Deepika is lying on a couch. The rest of the staff is surrounded by him. Sandip wrote in the photograph, "The heroine has become unconscious."

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It is known that Deepika has been ill for several days. There was a common image in social media the other day. Even after the shooting, he fell ill again? The question is within the industry.

Although Deepika has not yet publicly opened up with the whole thing as a result, the question of Dipica's disease or the authenticity of the viral image is being investigated by another group.

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