Friday , February 28 2020
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Akash and Betty Tam's cow (video)


Former Indian cricketer and popular commentator Akash Chopra is betting on Tammy Iqbal in the upcoming World Cup. He thinks this bat can do something with the bat.

Akash presented his own analysis of regular cricket on YouTube. He expressed his appreciation of the other teams, announced their World Cup team, regardless of their country, India, Pakistan and Antarctica. In the same context, the popular commentators of Bangladesh spoke about the World Cup team. Here he said it, he said.

Akash and Pera said, naïve, Bangladesh's biggest star is a big left fan. They can do something with the bat. Recently there is also a great shape.

He said that the tigers can interfere with the naive I can say explicitly that this opener can do anything. He's a great player.

Bangladesh won the Triple Series in Ireland before the World Cup. Asian Cup win for the first time in their cricket history, winning three trophy trophies

Tigers have already won the World Cup in England with confidence. They will start a World Cup campaign against South Africa on June 2. Of course, the red-green shirt holders looked innocently.

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