Monday , October 25 2021

Api Karim returns to play "Maya ridiculous"


    Api Karim returns to play

Online Reporter actress Api Karim returned to the big screen after more than 14 years. He was last seen in the 2004 film & Graduate Directed by Mustafa Sarwar Farooqi.

He will star in the film "Debra of Desire," based on the fame of the legendary Manic Bandyopadhayay of toxic love in Sobala. The film will be produced jointly by Bangladesh and India.

Indraani Rai and Dahuri Maculata would run it. The producer in Bangladesh, Yassim Ahmed, is a producer with him. Initially, the name of the film was called "Mayer Zanjal". A popular player in Calcutta will be shown as husband husband. But his name has not yet been announced by the production company.

He learned that Api Karim now in Calcutta to take part in the shooting of the waste of passion. After Kolkata, the film will be shot in Dhaka.

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