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Bangladesh is in a difficult situation in Teysol


Taig took 5 wickets of the third rounds. Exit Zimbabwe around the field yesterday – AFP

The sole authority of the Mirpur test is now in Bangladesh. Bangladesh wrote half of the victory of the end of Islam, the honey victory revolves around the tiger camp. To win the series against Zimbabwe after the win win at the Seilt, it is very important to win the series and keep the standard.

Bangladesh are ahead by 218 runs at the end of the third day of the game. Zimbabwe's first rounds resumed after Brandon Taylor made 304 runs yesterday. For the first time in our history, the opportunity to follow the opposition is facing Bangladesh.

Although reliable sources of the group confirmed yesterday, Zimbabwe has not acted on Bangladesh. Tigers are going to rise in the second round today. Bangladesh wants to give Zimbabwe a 400 plus destination by adding another 200 runs in half sessions or two meetings. So Bangladesh will take the final part of the victory mission. By then bowlers bowled throughout the day will get some rest and it will be useful to take wickets spinners.

Bangladesh has never followed the cricket opposition test. However, it was the first 200 plus runs scored. Earlier, the highest haul of 176 was against Zimbabwe. It was a victory in Chittagong in 2005 and 226 runs in this game. And this was Bangladesh's first test.

Zimbabwe was 25 for one wicket on the second day on Monday. On Tuesday, tourists could add 279 runs to eight wickets. Kastman Hamstring Tendai Tara was not able to win, their first rounds ended nine wickets.

But Zimbabwe could have played less than a dozen runs yesterday. There were five catches of obstacles. Mushik, Teige, Momol, Matt and Nara are caught. However, the opponent was stuck at 300's over the Taijul bowling. He took five wickets in his career for the sixth time. He took 5 wickets for 105 runs. Taizul then showed the achievement of taking five wickets in three rounds as the third Spinner of the country after Enamul Jr. and Shakib.

The left ring returned to the night Trifano (8) yesterday. Brian Miri, who was twice in his life, was caught by Miminol. He scored 53 runs. Then the turbulence of Taizul caught on the net, Sean Williams (11) and Raja Sikandar (0). Taylor and Peter Moore setbacks for Zimbabwe, losing five wickets for 131 runs and they added 139 runs to the sixth goal.

The pair broke Arifol Peter Moore fell to the elbow who was caught in 83 runs. Taylor scored the fifth century in his career. He scored 110 runs in the first round, before he was caught behind Taejul's excellent 110 at 10 four. Later, Mavutaka also returned to Miraj. Chakabah (10) captured Mominul and completed the fifth victim, Zimbabwe's rounds also folded. Mirage Bangladesh, Arifole took each wicket all.

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