Tuesday , May 11 2021

Bangladesh judges not in the World Cup; BCB in thought … – 763726 | Keller Cantot

One more day the World Cup came to the doorstep. But this time there is frustration for Bangladesh. There are no judges at the World Championships in England. The court announced the names of 22 officials for the group. Of these, 6 will be judges of the game and 16 will be in charge of the judge. There was no room for the Bangladesh judge on this list. But surprisingly, if Zimbabwe does not get a chance in this World Cup, one of their judges Andy Pakrich will be in charge of the referee judge!

That means very clear; Fix of vampires in Bangladesh does not cost. It is not just the media that is being written. Cricket Bangladesh Council concerned about the matter. "For many days we do not get a good judge, it's true." Enamul Haque Moni, Sharafuddaula Beach or those who were earlier perhaps not umpiring in the World Cup.But the ICC has done a lot of roles In many tournaments, now we can not get that kind of referee, that's a big problem.

The Bangladesh Cricket Council consists of four judges – Sharfudullah Ibn Sikat, Tanweir Ahmed, Masoud Rahman Mokol and Ghazi Suhl – at the International Cricket Council in 2017-1919. None of them are in the World Cup. In fact, Enamul Haque was only on the list of reserve judges in the 2011 World Cup. Then, the court could not think of anyone else as worthy. Lal Yunus undertook the training of judges to solve the problem and give the responsibility for managing the big game.

He said, 'You have to do training. The responsibility for the big game is to be given. Not enough to create a cunning local cricket only has much more work to do in preparing the judges. Off-the-field also has a lot of judges. Not only in the field, but also for wumpiring TV. That's why the judge has to learn a lot. There is no local cricket broadcast except BPL. If the games of the Premier League are broadcast, a good referee can be made. "

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