Monday , October 3 2022

BBB X's answer to Sumia-Sadman


BCB XI responds well to Somar Sarkar and Salman Islam in the heating cell against the West Indies. Although both openings are out of the game. But BCB XI made the position difficult. Unnamed: There's no doubt that this match is moving toward the drawing now.

In the heating competition of two days, West Indies announced their first rounds by first bating with 303 runs out of 7 wickets. After the answer, Sumia Serkar and Sadman Islam opened the opening pair with a nice start of 126 runs.

Outraged 78 is currently running. He then contacted Sadmani with Nazman Hassan Shant. Both scored 47 runs in the second wicket. At the same time quiet out of 21 runs, Sadman was fired in 1877 in the final. He scored 73 runs. By the time the report was written, BCB XI had collected 191 runs from 3 wickets.

Ittefaq / KI

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