Monday , June 27 2022

BCB: -764511 | Keller Cantot


Shakib Al Hasan expressed his satisfaction at the absence of the Bangladesh cricket team in this photo session World Cup. Shakib said that the reason for the photo meeting was not known because of not reading the message sent by the BCB.

In the Premier League League (IPL) Sunrises Hyderabad, who played mid-mid-game and returned last Sunday, the whole world wide. The day after he returned home, he went to the field and met with his teammates before lunch.

In the official picture, Nasmul Hassan's board chairman expressed his frustration over Shaqib's absence at the Mirpur-shar-e-Bengala National Stadium. He said on Tuesday that Akib had already given an explanation for Shakib's absence. Which will be accepted

Nazmul Hassan said that the message was received from the board, but he did not open it (lay down). I did not know there were Potosecans in BCB. That's what he said. Anyway, it could be. He said if you knew it was there.

Shakiv could not stay in the World Cup preparation camp because of an IPL game. Shakib will leave the country with a team at the next 10 next Wednesday for the World Cup trophy series.

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