Wednesday , September 28 2022

Candidates in the media: Quader –


"There is no realistic basis for the candidacy published in the newspapers," he said.

On Monday, a press conference was held at the Awami office in Dunamandi on the question of reporters.

In the eleventh parliamentary elections on December 30, the ruling Avami League has already taken candidate interviews to the ship's emblem. But who are the candidates who are still in the race

When asked about the question, Kadar said: "On the last day of the withdrawal of the appointment on November 27, it will be announced first."

He said no one could claim their candidate for the candidate-Awami League until then.

The UJ League will participate in the elections together with 14 groups, the Jatiya party party of Ershad and B Chowdhury of the group are also in the alternative category.On the other hand, BNP joined the United National Front headed by Kamal Hussein before the election.

Secretary-General of the ruling party, Qader, arrived at the press conference to respond to various accusations, including the arrest of leaders and workers free of charge.

In response to the statement made by BNP Secretary General Mirza Pachell Roll, Islam Almagor, he said: "Most BNP activists are involved in every crime. Fire terror, burning bus, office fire, cut trees, cut roads, are their jobs. They are involved in them.

Obaidul Quader (image file)

Obaidul Quader (image file)

"Those who were arrested were not innocent in light of the law, were they completely washed out of leaves, prose to see who was arrested because of the crime?"

In an interview with the party candidate, acting chairman BNP Tarique Rahman, who participated in the video conference, said that it was a clear violation of the electoral code of conduct.The election commission was asked to take immediate action.

The Election Commission said there was nothing to be done about Tarique.

When we were told, Kadar said: "What the Elections Committee says is better to know."

When asked whether he would go to court, he said, "The team will know about the decision, and if we do not find any cure from the election committee, we will judge the People's Court."

The secretary-general of the Awami League claimed that BNP was trying to thwart the elections.

He said, "The peace elections are being held all over the country, and after the announcement of the timetable, at the appointment stage, they organized terrorists together with their leaders and activists from all over the country in order to collect a nomination. Times ".

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