Tuesday , August 9 2022

Couple Dhalyude in Bollywood


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A new pair of fasting and ritual in the movie Dhaka is very promising. The two met themselves as "Badmon 2". They got the popularity of skyscrapers in the film. As a result, there is a turn of fasting and ritual carrier. Now they will be a couple in Bollywood movies. The film is expected to be produced on the flagship of Remo de Sujaar of Bollywood. The name of the movie & # 39; s where & # 39; This will be played by Bollywood choreographer producer Weiss Meigher. In this context, Siam said that there is no desire to do anything after the success of the first film. I hope one step of my dream is to fill this picture. If all is well, we will soon take part in the work in Mumbai. Pooja Cherie said, It really feels very good, I'm going to a quick pair in Bollywood. I am very excited about this picture. As far as I know, the film will shoot in Mumbai. Soon we will go to Mumbai to participate in the work. In fact, the image of the duo is waiting for release. The film will be released on November 30.

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