Thursday , October 21 2021

Croatia lose Spain in the highball game


In Spain, the ball was ahead, the ball went through, a total pass, on target shot, Spain was ahead of everyone. But in the end, fate was not with them. As a result, Highvoltage match thriller won Croatia 3-2 in last minute drama.

Croatia on Thursday (November 16) invites Spain to wake up in Group 4 of the A League Group in the UEFA National League on Sunday night Earlier this September, Croats were blown out of the field by Le Rohara 6-0.

Although the first half did not score any goals, both teams were denied a number of goals. However, after two breaks, two groups of two groups were found that scored one goal each.

At the 54 minute mark, Evan Parc's head was pushed to the ball with a ball in the box and gave Krrmrrrr Kramerich a chance to knock it in for 3 – But after two minutes back to Spain to equalize the midfielder of Real Madrid, Danny Savius, who received the passage of Isco, got the ball at the foot of the left foot.

Later, in the 69th minute, the chassidim continued to advance. Three yadabhai goalkeepers are spacious 2-1. However, in the 78th minute, the penalty was made by Captain Serge Ramos, giving Spain the comfort of punishment.

At the end of the planned game, the game was 2-2. 3 – 3 was the score after the first half. Yosip Brabourne of England was in the lead. Gordon Day Gaia was the unlucky victim and could not take the ball off. Yidvi made a point of winning the team as well as completing his double goal by sending the net in return.

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