Tuesday , June 28 2022

Denim pants of dyed trousers … – 700429 | Caller Canto


Pop Pop is popular artist Usha Uthupa, but she is known to all as a nurse. According to her brother-in-law, 5 countries believe that the goddess Kolkata, Dev Dev

On the occasion, Usha met Dev. Dov behaved in his last style and then got worn jeans. But when I saw it, his brother-in-law Usha Uthopup was angry. The younger brother – and again the celebrity celebrity or the tangled pants will go in front of the audience? Usha immediately pulled the needle from her bag. He told God to step on the front chair.

Then, on your knees sew the joints parts. Dov did not interrupt either. As the nurse said, the younger brother did it, too. Throw style has put emotion and love towards a star.

We'll share the entire event video with my social media account. On the caption, he wrote, "I promise, there will never be any more torn jeans in front of you, a lot of love."

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