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Google Unrecognized Service – prior notice


Science and Technology: Google Scholar: There's nothing new about Google and its popularity as a search engine. However, as well as creating search engines for all, they have just thought about educating people related individually. Another Google Lab application is & # 39; Google Scholar & # 39 ;. It is a search engine that is able to research various reference books on the Internet. Since its launch in 2004, it has been able to measure almost all online journals. Here there is an advanced search option, which allows you to find a log by specifying the author of the journal's author, publishing time, etc. & # 39; URL:

Google Input Tools: The global language of global technology products is English. The general language of the computer keyboard is also English. Problems writing different languages ​​on your computer are too old. In this case, there is a sound based language and other writing software. Google Input Tools has Google Labs to make it easier to work. It was previously called Google Transliteration. Using the English keyboard, the Roman alphabet, Google Input Tools changes the phonetic font format in a fixed language. Today there are opportunities to write 80 different languages ​​of Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Greek, Gogi, Hindi, Hebrew, Canada, Nepali, Marathi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Urdu etc. You can go to and enter it in any language. The way we write via SMS Mobile, we can write it just as it is from here. And it can be used in almost any online platforms.

Google Book Enagram Viewer: Along with the published online book, nearly 20% of all books published in Google Earth have already been scanned. The Google Books viewer created Google Labs to know which words, when, and how often these books were used. This app can view your account from 1400 to the present. And the languages ​​that support it are Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew and Russian. The site can easily be recognized at different times with the use of a specific word or phrase.

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