Friday , May 14 2021

"How can I break the marriage of another girl's daughter?" Latest BD News

Music star Mila Islam recently held a press conference demanding the prosecution of the inhuman tortures of the husband and the in-laws. At this press conference he made various claims, including torture against her ex-husband, Bimnik Parvez Sang.

He also stressed the involvement of actress Noishin behind divorce. According to Noshin word complained that Nowsin had a relationship with the owners. Having presented their pictures close to Nawash's husband, the celebration, there was no solution. In a counter-attack, they complained against me.

However, actress Noishin expressed strong opposition to the complaint. He said, if I want to break Miller's family, then I should break my family first. How can I break another girl's marriage with amusement?

He said more, and I did not do anything called Miller in cybercime. I tried to convince him many times. The joula tried to persuade, too. But we failed. We do not have the ability to understand that he did not understand. I know his life is collapsing. A girl is in such danger, because of my case she did not file a case in the future. I want Milan to return to normal life. Sing and dance. However, he certainly hopes to achieve justice.

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