Thursday , October 28 2021

I’m still not old enough to get married: Zaid Khan


Over time, Zaid Khan became one of the few actors who found a place in the hearts of entertainment enthusiasts. So far he has come into the discussion many times when he played a different character.

The new news is that Zayed Khan is not yet old enough to get married. He said this when reporters asked him about his marriage to Shilphi Smith’s office at FDC on Monday.

Zayed Khan said, “Because my father is not alive. Dad’s dream was to see his wife. Everyone will only ask one question when I will get married. My mother has the same question. But I am not yet old enough to get married. So I am not thinking about marriage right now.

Zaid was without firing for more than a thousand days. None of his films were released at the time. His latest film ‘Antajbala’ was released on December 16, 2016. After that no shooting was seen. He recently started filming for a movie called ‘Sonar Char’.

However, although there is no discussion of cinema, he discusses various issues as he leads the Artists Association. Rumor has it that he was in love with a poppy actress and was a mahi. However, he has repeatedly denied this love for the media.

On Monday, the leader of the Artists’ Association opened his mouth again about love. Do you love in response to such a question, Zaid said, ‘I will not lie, I made love. But now I’m single. It is impossible to mention the names of those I fell in love with. But I did not like so much.

Has your love been with all the media girls in the media? When asked, Zaid said, ‘Yes, I fell in love with the media. My love with filmmakers. However, the number of loves I can not say. If I say numbers, I’ll be bad for people. ‘

Source: Bangladesh Today

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