Friday , May 14 2021

In securing the marriage, Sagal raped the bridge in the launch chamber

The main defendant, Ali, 27, was arrested and sent to court by the famous student bridge Mandal (15), who was arrested for kidnapping, rape and suicides. SS Hassan Hassan Aktar stopped him from the Yamara yacht of Sirkhan of Monshigan County on Saturday morning. Later on Saturday night, he was sent to court.

Sagar was arrested by the son of Mag Sardar from a ship village in the Meidigang County. Of Brussels. After the arrest Ali confessed to Siegel that he had assumed responsibility for kidnapping, rape, and mediating suicide in the judicial court under section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Law.

Sergeant Dechan, the station's police officer, said that before he went to school on April 10 morning, Hazrat Ali spoke on the phone several times. After taking the bridge from the Goalkhali area to the branch area, Sajal was charged. After driving to the temple, Gimel cut his old right hand and placed a tooth on the forehead of the bridge with the blood and promised him more promises, including marriage.

Later he went to his house in the village with the bridge in the launch hut. At the launch, Sajal raped the bridge several times that night and reached Barisal again and again from Dhaka Dhaka again. The next day, on April 11, near the police camp of Gullam Bazaar in the upazila Keraniganj of Dhaka, he escaped to the bridge and Sajal escaped.

After the police returned the police bridge of the Golem Police Bazaar and informed him at his home, the family took away the bridge, his family. After five days of the incident, on April 17, the Linz Bridge tried at his home. Meanwhile, the family survived and died before being taken to the hospital, a dead Mandal bridge.

He said, while lodging the case, the mother of a brick bridge named Soheil as the main defendant. Because he is suspected of acid. But later it turned out that it was wrong and Ali called Seg al his fault in court. Ali changed his name and became acquainted with the bridge named Segal. And before the suicide, the bridge spoke to her mother.

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