Sunday , May 22 2022

"In the Holly of breaking record" Government "- Probashir Diganta


The Tamil filmmaker Prabhas broke the record of the film "Bawbali" broke another Tamil hero and the new protagonist of the film "Sarkar" this film earned over 80 crores worldwide in the first two days of release.

On the other hand, records of "Pahhas" have broken the occupation of Tamil Nadu by earning 30 crore Rs on the first day.That is, on the first day of Chennai, the biggest film for business success, The Yankees' Cala broke the record for the government.

On November 6 the film was released in about 3,000 theaters. The film director claims there is a Hindi film, but the victory of the leader in this new government is not compatible with any politician alive or dead with the character of a leader.

Actors and actresses such as Kirti Suresh and Baralaxmi Sarathkumar played alongside the hero of the Tamil film, directed by AR. Murugadas.

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