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"InshaAllah, it's time to finally go home"


Finally, members of the Bangladesh cricket team, who return to the country, are very happy to have experience. After canceling the last match of the Bangladesh-New Zealand test series after two attacks in Christchurch in New Zealand, it was announced today (March 16) to return the Tigers back to the country.

Meanwhile, 19 members of the Bangladesh team began the journey from Singapore to Singapore Airlines from Singapore this morning. Director of Bangladesh, Khaled Masoud Pilot, said they are expected to arrive at Dhaka at 10:40 am.

Before leaving the airport, his post was posted on his official Facebook profile by a national wicketkeeper fan affected by Rahim. Alhamdulillah, as well as the writer, InshaAllah, it is time to finally go home. "

Photos taken from the post on FacebookAt least two terrorists were killed at least 49 people in several places, including two mosques in Christchurch, Christchurch. Two of them are Bangladesh. More than 49 injured there are also reports that there is more than one Bangladesh. But the survivors of the Bangladesh national team have survived for some of the attacks.

The Bangladesh caricaturists practiced in a field near the mosque. After the practice, they were about to read Friday prayers at the mosque. The players arrived there and the terrorists attacked the mosque. Then they left quickly and went to the ground. At that time there was no security man with them.

The third test of Bangladesh-New Zealand was scheduled to begin on Saturday (March 16) at the Hagli Ubal Stadium in Christchurch. However, the Cricket Council of New Zealand and the Cricket Bangladesh Council announced the cancellation of the game based on the attack.

Bangladesh Time: 1125 hours, 16 March 2019

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