Tuesday , August 9 2022

Jatiya Party appointed 200 seats … – 708129 | Caller Canto


Association League League Jatiya Party began to send letters to nominate candidates for 200 seats in the upcoming elections. The party will be chosen by the United Arab Alliance. In this case, many people view the nomination of the UEFA League as a strategy for winning seats. There is great pressure on the part of the workers to appoint additional seats for the party.

Sources from the Atiya party said that so far Awami League has an understanding of 45 seats. But the candidate candidate nominations are received in 200 seats to deal with the storm of party workers and press the Uami League. The letter began Monday afternoon.

Party Secretary-General Rahul Amin said at 3:30 pm in the Party's Bunny offices, told candidates and waiting for the party's journalists, "The GOP will choose the big alliance, but if the seat is still not a compromise, 200 candidates Of the party will submit their candidacy. We hope that before the withdrawal of the candidacy, we will be able to negotiate for seats. Candidates who will not be candidates for the Grand Alliance will withdraw their candidacy. "The J-Party candidate list was announced yesterday, but it was not made for strategic reasons, the secretary-general said.

"We do not tend to hold 50 seats, we continue to meet with the League of Attorneys in this matter, it will take more time to understand," he said, referring to party candidates in the elections and asking candidates for 300 seats. Some of the relatives.

According to the sources, among the positions of the Ga'athiya Party with the Awami League, Sayed Abu Hussein in Abla (Dhaka 4), Kazi Commentary Rashid (Dhaka 6), MK Arshad (Dhaka 17), Raushan Arshad (Meimensing 4) Shouba Roy (Kholana 1), Slajodin Mokti (Meimensing-5), Pahl Imam Imam (Mimnseng 8), Moo Hoko (Kisoriang) Narayanganj-3, Narayanganj-5, Mustafa Al-Mahmud (Jamalpur-2), MA Attara (3), Rangpur-3, Rangpur-1 ), Rangpur-3, Mustaphez Rahman (ratt) from Sududdin Odori (Penny), Islam's Neutrality Dictionary (Kurigram-1), Cheeseuddin (Keurigram) 2), Dr. (1), Admiral Rahman (Nilapamri 4), S. (Pugra-2), Nural Islam Omar (Bugra-6), Yahya Chowdhury (2), Slududin (Silatech 5), Pir Fizzur Rahman Sanmang, 4), Abdul Munem, Habiganj-1, Nasreen Jahran, Barisal-6, ABM Ruhul Amin-Hulder (Patuakhali-1) Rostam Ali Paurjpur-2, Sayed Dider Satkhira-1, Zia Odin Bablu (Nilfamri-4).

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