Thursday , August 18 2022

Kanak Chapa, Baby Nazneen For applying to BNP


Popular singers Rumana Islam Kanak Afa and Bibi Nazneen received letters of appointment from BNP today to participate in the eleventh parliamentary elections.

Roman Islam Kannak Aapa has been nominated to compete from Sirajganj-1, while Baby Nazneen will compete for the seat of Nilfamri 4.

BNP began to distribute the party's candidacy to candidates selected in the afternoon.

So far, 90 candidates have been selected against 53 counties in Brussels, Raja and Shahi Ranjpur to compete in the December 11th parliamentary elections.

The secretary-general of the BNP, Mirza Fakhrul Islam, submitted the nomination to candidates selected at the Gulshan offices.

BNP chairman Elda Zia will participate in the elections of Bogora-6 and Bogora-7 in the general elections.

How many candidates took El Pike?

Yesterday, the Awami League gave nomination letters to 248 aspiring voters around 50 new faces to run for the next parliamentary polls and the release of 38 MPs.

The party said it had reserved about 70 seats for the Allies, including the Jyllands-Posten Party, the main opposition in the current parliament. The final decision may come today.

When are the elections?

The Election Commission has revised the schedule schedule, postponing the 11th general election by a week to December 30 – a resolution passed on 12 November.

The authorities have fixed November 28 as the deadline for submission of appointment papers, December 2 for review December 9 last date of withdrawal.

The move followed the demands of several opposition parties.

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