Friday , May 14 2021

Katrina talked about Renbier, her husband and Deepika

Not consciously, Balika said that actress Katherine Kafe, who is going to tie her up with Ranbir Kapoor,

Again, Buzz was, finally, getting married to Katrina, she was about to delete Elizabeth and her BA, says Bhajan Khan Salman Khan. Ann.

Katrina, the romantic with Ranbir Kapoor, was not seen later. They had both been seen on the beach so far.

They both got it.

Earlier, Ranbir was associated with sensation Deepika Padukone. This love, too, was broken. At that time, Katrina was on the verge of breaking love.
After that, the water was swollen in water. Deepika, is related to Ranbir Singh. Meanwhile, Bahat has taken her to take Ranbir Kapoor himself.

Katrina Kaif gave a DNA interview on harmony. He told of the suffering and distress that had been given to colleagues.

Katrina asked, what do you do if you meet Ranvir Kapoor, Ala Bhatt and Deepika Padukone at a social exhibition or party?

In response, Katrina did not mention the names of any of them, she said we had a good relationship with colleagues. Personal issues should not be brought to the front. Keep anger, anger and grief inside. Never bring in public

He also said it was good to think of an unprecedented past of experience or memory. I think it makes sense to extend a friend rather than an enemy.

So he does not keep any kind of rivalry with anyone, "he said.

Katrina said, "I do not think anyone made me sad.

The news of Balimahl, Elia's relationship with Katrina is very friendly. They both appeared in the gym at the gym. They both walked away and laughed.

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