Tuesday , May 11 2021

La Liga Barcelona in Messi of Heroic

Lionel Messi made the league debut for the first time as captain. Photo: Website

The referee played the flute's game on and off until then, failing to penetrate the front of the Levant, in Debrecale, Suarez and Kutinohora. Lionel Messi, sitting on the bench listening to the flute, entered the dressing room at a rapid pace. In order to complete preparations for the war, the commander went to Tabuat. In the field, the Mayan magician is captured by the opposing defense players. As an alternate player, he got the ball to win the team. Barcelona also won the title of 26 league. Messi wins record 10 titles for Barca

In the Champions League semifinals this week, Barcelona will have to face tough rivals Liverpool. So, the rest of the students Messi, rest, the Levant started playing coach Ernesto Valvarde. The other students had to send the beloved student to the battlefield without paying the trust in the first half. At the start of the second half, the Argentine superstar scored the winning goal in 62 minutes after being replaced by Kutinaho. Messi is caught in a trap by catching two ball players from the defense of the ball. That was his 34th goal in the league.

Messi took over former team mate Andres Iniesta after winning the league title in Barcelona. Earlier, they both got the taste of winning this title nine times. Paulo Geno played Real Madrid, winning 12 most titles in La Liga history. He played Real in the 50s and 60s. Besides, ten Spanish champions called "Piriri" received the title. He also achieved this success with Real.

In the last 11 La Liga titles at the home of Barcelona. The Copa del Rey title of the season is also in the hands of the team. Now, if the Champions League wins, the Spanish giants will set the record of winning the third tray as the first team.

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