Thursday , May 13 2021

Miller's condition was to leave my parents and parents: – 763668 Keller Cantot

Recently, the soloist held a press conference in Dhaka demanding the inhuman torture of her husband and former mother-in-law. Where he filed the claim against Parvez Sangar.

Before that, a word has given a lot of messages on Verifier verifying its page with bitter experience of the world. However, many of these claims were made by former biographer Pilot Sanjari Parvez. Now he opened his mouth to Mueller. On Saturday, on his Facebook, Miller gave status to explain the reasons for ending his marriage with Miller. His position was justified –

Parvez Sang wrote, "I promised to keep quiet." I was silent for a year and a half. This silence demonstrates my respect for the former woman and her family. But it becomes difficult to keep silent when this silence is considered weak. I never wanted to expose family problems this way. My family, my education, my profession, my knowledge and values ​​have never taught me that. But the statement that is lying on Facebook and YouTube through social media like propaganda and media use, while making false statements about me and my family, it becomes impossible to keep your mouth open. Despite the unpleasant truths, I apologize at first for this. "

He also writes, "We were married on May 12, 2017. My identity with music star Miller was too early, but after marriage, he put his abnormal ideas about family life on me and my family there was no chance in a shared family world, the woman and the maid-of -the gate keeps his work with the imported cigarettes, obscene clothes in front of the guests were elderly-trivial words, corrupting the house neighbors were in an uncomfortable situation and can not get ………. each of his steps was against my classic values ​​" .

Miller's former husband wrote, "The situation crossed the line at one point, and all the attempts to convince him failed, I thought he would correct himself, but this idea went wrong, and my old parents and other family members became targets of his attack. I say the separation between the two families, but after the decision of separation, the situation became more critical.I have to convict the lawsuit filed by her women in a fabricated fabricated fabrication of ten lakhs of dowry cases … He stopped me from working. He sent me to jail, he came again and gave me the condition that after he left his parents he would release me from prison In fact, I had no other way of maintaining a married life with Miller, and at the end of the legal process, on May 22, 2018, our divorce came into effect … I have nothing to do with him in the past year.

Although he has not been able to prove the evidence in the last half-year and a half since the indictment was filed on this matter, he did not attend a hearing of one of six consecutive hearings until the court, despite the fact that I am constantly attacking myself, and he himself admitted in his statement that he would not leave me and take me from the street with the Hasidim (source: interview) I also demanded fines in prison, but I never expressed any respect for him, after all, he laughs, Mans To live with me, he claims to my husband, I have entrusted you with the antitrust declaration.

"It is clear that in my speech it is my goal to destroy my career in the event of a lie and to destroy it on the ground." None of the accusations brought against me by presenting fantastic images are incorrect, but Lacan is lying. In court, they proved to be true according to the law, and all of you will pray for me and my family. "

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