Saturday , April 17 2021

Naia Luke what was what

Actress Mahiya Mahi. He has already occupied a special place among the audience with his performance. However, not only on screen, what is also sound through social media. The protagonist loves to share the fans in her daily activities. He posted pictures and videos on his Facebook profile and said how are you, what are you busy with? This time the protagonist appeared in a new style. The actress gave herself a different look by cutting her back.

On Tuesday (March 30), Mahi posted some photos of her new look on Facebook. Where thorns can be seen shaped at the corners of his eyebrows. This beauty also wants to know what she looks like in this look. However, he did not mention whether this look was intended for a new film.

However, in the caption of the photograph he wrote what is, ‘Alas, what am I? How do you feel? ‘

Many positive and negative comments were read in the comments box in the photos. However, Mahi did not answer any of them.

It should be mentioned that the popular heroine of the Dhaka cinema was Mahi getting married. However, the actress is not far from the film even if she has a family. He surprised the fans at different times. A few days ago he bought a hundred cabbages together and informed everyone. He filled the car and took the cabbage to his country house.

This heroine with the crazy nature loves to enjoy. Many times he is arrogant and agitated. He also shared this news with the fans.
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