Friday , May 14 2021

Neymar Poker Viewer! (Video)

PSG dropped from the Champions League while Neemer's dream to win the League was to win twice as much. But the defeat against Rene was broken. On the day of the cup loss, Nimer also lost his temper and criticized Neymar. During the game, the Brazilian star hit a supporter during the game. He even lost his temper and hit him in front of the crowd.

In the first 21 minutes of the game, PSG went ahead 2-0. Danny Alves scored the first goal in 13 minutes. The 21-minute goal comes from Nimer's legs. Then Ranin woke up in the 40th minute, the penalty was made by PSG defender Pernell Kimpeme, who provided Sonar's goal. Maxenbach's Maxbe's equalizer was able to score the equalizer 66 minutes into the match. At the end of the game, there were no more goals scored by Schober. Where the summit lost by 6-5.

Then the other viewers filmed Neemer's bad behavior with the audience during the awards ceremony. The video was later viral.

The video shows that PSG players are going to take the medal up-through the gallery viewers after the game. Nearby viewers take pictures of favorite players. Some people make video. Nimer did not like it. He wanted to remove the phone from a fan. Not only that, he did not call the phone and stop him. Later, the other players took him up.

It is not known whether the admirer said something to arouse the tiger. However, Neymar may be in a new danger.

Yesterday he knew that Neymar was banned for three games in the Champions League in the coming season. The PSG fired from the second round of the last Champions League with the last-minute controversial penalty at Manchester United. After the game Neymar failed to generalize the Instagram, he was banned in three games. protection status

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