Sunday , June 26 2022

Preparation of the Dhaka test begins with the Silate: -701084 Caller Canto


Representatives of Sylt: Not long ago. Mahmoud Oleh did not return to Bangladesh with the group after the Caribbean-American tour. He left the Caribbean League. When the Dubai team's goal is in Dubai, there was no direct departure from Dubai for just a few hours in Bangladesh. After seeing the family in a hurry, the crew again flew to Dubai with the flight. Mahmoud will return to Dahaka on an afternoon flight, due to the test of the silt on Tuesday afternoon, speculation on the box took place. Although not in the afternoon, the next day Mahmoud returned to Dhaka at seven in the morning, the flight delayed by fog. But one with the team said that Mahmood did not want to go as a leader or as a leader. He wanted to come with everyone. Mahmoud agreed to return to the people who wanted to return to Dhaka with eight tickets in the morning.

The team lost, do not run in their bat. All in all, time will not be good for the captain of the test game. As a matter of fact, there is no point in playing such a test at the press conference after the game, and he became very frustrated. Mahmood, who is very upset, wants to stay with the team, but he said from a management team that he would be happy to have his family in Dhaka and prepare for the next game. On the other hand, Steve Rhodes went to the Selet stadium, in practice, in practice. The English coach, who did not want to keep any gap for the next test in Mirpur, said, "We do not try to leak everything now, I do not see any reason to lose all of the achievements easily, we want to play cricket and we want people to win our country."

After the captain's game, the press conference clearly stated that the program did not work. Asked whether there was pressure to change plans for the game against Zimbabwe, Rhodes said: "I'm not making any pressure, but we'll wait a bit to decide what the next test plan will be, the passion of the first rounds was the worst in this game. But we were all out for 282 runs, then we had to run from 350 to 400 running in. If we can not run, then it will always be hard to hit again. "The conversation is simple, the coach wants to run minimum to compete against the bats, The requirements that the staff can not meet for several days. The coach feels that the problem will be solved when many problems are solved, "140 run out, 140 more runs after we play in the third rounds, the defeat has become what happened, whatever the reason, we need to fix this place, that's our plan in Mirpur."

If a national team fails, there is a shout for the team to be out of the team. Especially in the snow leak at Amran Snow National League and stars and talents of the National League with the monarchy while many are busy criticizing the switches! "Many of those who are called to the national team more than those cricketer are to be run." (Nazmul) has played 180 round runs (Litton) Das scored two runs, Monol scored 100 in his last game, Arifol scored twice.Then it can be said that many runs are happening.We have confidence in them at this moment, if they are deprived of an innocent-eye, at this moment we are sure on their side. " Zimbabwe's big exit to Rhodes in 143 runs in the first round is a day beyond the general capacity, when all is bad, a bad day can come in everyone's workplace. The first rounds were a very bad day like us. We'll try to fix everything with the players. "

Rhodes took responsibility for not too long. He saw the premiere test of returning to 43 runs. After that, lose sight of the crumbling power of the Zimbabwean state. Road and roads that do not go too long, he knows very well! Now, after looking for the healers in Mirpur, Rhodes said: "I hope that I will have a good result in the next test, and we will try very hard to find the result."

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