Thursday , October 28 2021

PSG lost to City with Messi’s debut goal


PSG lost to Manchester City in the last Champions League semi-final. The two-legged loss shattered the dream of the French giants to reach the final for the second time in a row. This time PSG took revenge on Messi-Guy’s skill. Patchettino’s PSG beat Guardiola City 2-0.

When he flew from Barcelona and joined PSG. PSG supporters have been waiting for Messi’s charm for so long. But at first Messi was not able to adapt so much. In the meantime, he was injured. Could not play two games in the first league. The footballer of the year six times scored his first goal in Paris Saint-Germain after recovering from an injury. PSG left the pitch with three full points after losing to City in Messi’s debut goal.

From the start of the game, both teams started fighting back. Both teams had a chance to score several times. In the eighth minute of the game, PSG continued with the goal of Idrissa Guy. The Senegalese midfielder found City’s net with a great shot from Neymar’s kick.

Idrissa Go from Senegal put PSG ahead at the start. Photo – Getty Images

City stepped up their attack to get back into the game. City could have equalized in the 26th minute of the game. Raheem Sterling raised from Kevin de Bruyne’s crossbar jumped from the crossbar, and Bernardo’s shot from five yards did not go far.

Then in the 36th minute of the game PSG created an opportunity to attack. But City survived the goalkeeper’s talent. PSG climbed to a 1-0 lead in the first half.

Messi has finally achieved his debut goal for PSG. Photo – Getty Images

City continued to play in the second half and captured the ball. But Guardiola’s team failed to break Patchettino’s defense. Lionel Messi scored PSG’s first goal in the 64th minute at City. The Argentine forward doubled the score line with a great goal. The star scored his first goal for PSG with a perfect shot from outside the box after playing one-two with MBAP from the counter-attack. Goalkeeper Ederson had nothing to do but watch. This is Messi’s 121st goal in the Champions League.

With that goal in mind, he set a record of at most seven goals against Man City in the Champions League. He also scored 26 goals in 35 games against English clubs.

After trailing by two goals, City failed to close the gap. The opportunity also came in the first minute of extra time, but Donaroma kept the net intact and blocked Riyad Maharaz’s free kick.

PSG is at the top of the points table with one win and one draw in 2 games in Group A. Club Brugge both have equal statistics in equal games. On the other hand, Man City have three with one win and one loss. RB Leipzig is at the bottom of the points table after losing both games.

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