Thursday , August 18 2022

Rana Desgupta wants to remove Noakhali DC-SP


The veteran lawyer visited a number of temples damaged in the attack-vandalism last Friday afternoon.

“Taking responsibility for the failure, we demand the immediate removal of the Noakhali DC and SP,” he said.

He also demanded from the government compensation for the victims, medical treatment of the wounded and the restoration of the damaged monasteries and temples.

At the same time, Rene Desgupta also demanded an exemplary punishment for community evils by recognizing them under the Special Powers Act.

Rene Desgupta said the Hindus in the country could not celebrate the fall of Durga Puja last year due to extreme conditions. This year, they thought, they would organize Durga Puja in the fall and Durga Puja would become a festival regardless of religion or caste. Such a happy atmosphere was created on the seventh day.

“But the day that began in Kumila on the eighth day continues. We were relieved by the Prime Minister’s remarks after the Kumila incident. The Prime Minister said that no community force would be allowed. But I sadly noticed that the next day there is an attack and violence in Choumohani, Chitgong.”

The Christian Hindu Buddhist District Conference Prishid Binui Link Roi, Secretary of State Papu Saha, leaders and retirement workers of Choumohani Fuja were present at the time.

Police said a man died of a “heart attack” when an attack on a temple occurred on Friday afternoon. However, local Hindu leaders claimed that the man was beaten to death. The next morning, the body of Perth Das, 26, was found floating in a pool near ISKCON Temple on Chaumuhani College.

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