Tuesday , June 28 2022

Sarabanti opened his mouth to marriage


Sarbaneti and Rochen.

Sarbaneti and Rochen. Photo collected

The current talk about Chabarenti's third marriage to Tophay in Kolkata, the popular heroine of the current year, is very interesting. Sarvanti's wedding news is heard at Keene Pale. But the public and the family were silent, but the social media did not stop. And now she took her marriage in her mouth and opened her mouth.

On May 19, after Baigakh with boyfriend Roshan Singha from Pahela Baishakh, held a wedding ceremony at the country's home. Calcutta returned on April 23. Straight to the firing floor. In the interview, Shavanti gave information about his marriage to the newspaper Endeavor.

Sarvanti said, We got married. After that, I will appear in Calcutta.

Why did you get married in Ndigar? In response to such a question, he said, I believe in astrology. My astrologer said, where she was about to have a wedding. I was born in Amritsar so I married there.

In the interview, Sarbaneti said, "My son is happy with the marriage decision, I do not do any work without his mind, he wants me to be good.

When will he go to a honeymoon? In response to such a question, Sarabanti said that nothing was now.

Srbandi married director Rajiv Biswas in 2003. The son of Reg in-Sarabanti is also, named Jank. She is with her mother.

After the separation of Regis, Srabanti is in contact with Krishnan Braja. They married at sea too. In January last year, the separation with agriculture ended. After that, Roshan intervened with the heroine.

Staff manager at Roshan Airlines.

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